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Proposal of Robia Kurbonova

Post date: Friday, December 26, 2014 - 18:29
Name: Robia Kurbonova
Tajik National University
Field of interest:

The Tajik National University searches for a partner in a capacity building project (Joint Project). Wider perspectives of project : Capacity building of teachers in the development and application of tests and examination procedures and its technical quality according to EU standards. Specific Project Perspectives: 1. To prove the validity of the educational methods; 2. Select features of selection of the content of educational material in the preparation of the tests; 3. Show the classification of test items;
4. Show the role of the test system in the organization of learning and cognitive activities of the students; 5. Describe the various features of tests at different stages of the lesson. 6. Development and conduct a series of seminars and presentations on testing technology on the basis of educational institutions in various areas of the organization of the teachers’ activities. Outputs and outcomes : • update the forms and methods of work with students
• Integration of efforts and capabilities of the teaching staff for using in their activities a positive experience of the teachers of the National University in organizing the preparation of the tests.
• Improving the quality assessment system education of students in credit system.
• Formation of a package of teaching materials for preparation of control tests and the introduction of testing in the educational process.
Activities: • Monitoring the level of preparedness of students of the subject, the level of the required manner during the tests.
• Investigation of the situation, including professional training, established in TNU, and its adequacy to the new system assessment.
• Diagnosis and monitoring of professional problems of teachers and projecting methodological advice TNU results on their own activities (introductory survey and the final survey)