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MED2IaH CBHE project events

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A- The MED2IaH CBHE project organised its four capacity building webinars on February 16, February 23, March 16 and March 23. The webinars discussed the following topics: Internationalisation of formal curriculum (webinar 1); Global skills in a local context (webinar 2); virtual mobility (webinar 3); and campus diversity and intercultural engagement (webinar 4).

The webinars were attended by large number of academic staff, administrative staff and students from all partner countries. More than 500 participants took part in the first webinar, while more than 300 participants were engaged in the second webinar. As for the third webinar, more than 250 participants from all partner institutions attended the event.


B- As part of the capacity building activities of the MED2IaH CBHE project, a roundtable, followed the first two webinar organised by the project, took place on March 15 and March 26 at the Antonine University and Lebanese International University respectively. The aim of the roundtable is to ensure a multiplication effect of the knowledge gained at the webinars through having participants in the webinar transferring knowledge gained and questions raised about IaH with other members in their institution. Each roundtable includes a minimum of 30 participants from academic and administrative staff and student representatives.


C- NEO participated in the 6th and 7th consortium meeting organised on January 22 and March10, respectively. The partners discussed progress in the project implementation and planned for the upcoming project’s activities under the different workpackages.

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