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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

In the last edition of our 2020 newsletters, we closed the year with a very gloomy expectation without excluding the hope that 2021 would bring some light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that in 2021, the worst is yet to come at all levels with no exception for the higher education sector. Lebanese universities working in a complete void in terms of state vision and policies are struggling to survive with all kind of challenges and calamities…

The situation in Lebanon has drawn the attention and the concern of many parties from international community. The latest is the call of the International Support Group for Lebanon which met in Beirut on 11 March 2021 in which the ISG reiterated its urgent call for Lebanon’s leaders to delay no longer the formation of a fully empowered government capable of meeting the country’s urgent needs and implementing critical reforms. The ISG reiterated its firm and continuing support for Lebanon and its people.

The Lebanese HE sector is facing one of its most serious and existential challenges of its history…

Financial crisis

Brains and skills escape out of the country

Uncertainty regarding the Covid-19

The hybrid mode of delivery without a solid guidelines from the educative authorities.