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Cluster meeting on permanent structures created by EU funded projects

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cluster Meeting on 18 May 2017
Ministry of Education and Higher Education
Background note
The "projects' clustering" approach has been introduced by EACEA (the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) in the 2016 Tempus and Erasmus+ CBHE Monitoring Strategy, with the aim of contributing to improving the impact assessment of the Programme/Action in a Partner Country and/or a specific thematic area.
In the framework of many Tempus/Erasmus+ projects implemented in Lebanon, specialised centres, offices of liaison, poles of innovation or students support services have been set up at national or institutional levels. The projects clustering meeting that is going to be held on May 18, 2017 aims at gathering all Tempus/Erasmus+ projects in which concrete/physical structures were built to see how much these established structures are still active and operational, how much they are overlapping within the institutions, if any, or at the national level, to measure their status as a sustainability indicator and to draw some lessons for future project designers as well as for the programme itself.
The meeting will specifically aim at:
• describing the actual operational situation of these structures after the closing of the projects that created them,
• sharing knowledge and promoting synergies between the projects with the aim of improving their quality and supporting their dissemination/sustainability efforts,
• identifying best practices and overcome common obstacles,
• avoiding overlaps between projects and structures,
• raising awareness among stakeholders about these structures,
• enhancing the Programme/Action overall visibility and impact,
19 projects involving 15 institutions have been identified for this clustering meeting and 4 types of structures have been observed.
The types of structures established in the framework of these identified projects (17 Tempus and 2 CBHE) can be categorised as follows:
✓ Centres for providing services to students, academics and researchers.
✓ Centres for developing studies, for innovation and QA.
✓ Centres of training on leadership, governance and internationalisation.
✓ Platforms for national or regional networking on different subjects.
Each institution will designate one person to present the state of play of all the structures established by the different Tempus/E+ projects. This will help us better organise the discussions during the meeting and better formulate our recommendations.
A programme for the Clustering meeting will be developed and in depth ideas for thoughts will be put forward.
List of the identified projects by which a concrete/physical structure has been set up
Tempus projects
VIETUD (BAU, MUBS): Nouveaux services de soutien aux étudiants
ADIP (AUF, UOB, NDU, LU, USEK, USJ, AOU, AUL, CCIAB, MEHE): Pôle d'innovation pédagogique,
MATRE (MUBS, LU) : Business Centre,
MIMI (MUBS, LU, MEHE) : International Relations Office, Student centre,
SEMSEM (USJ, LU, MEHE, ALI) : Plateforme,
PACOME (USJ, LU, IFBF, MEHE): Observatoire,
MEDAWEL (MUBS, LU): Student Services,
BUCUM (MUBS, LU, MEHE): Centre for good governance,
IDEAL (AUB, BAU, MUBS, UOB, LIRA, InfoPro): Research support office,
OIPULES (AUF, ULS, ESA, UOB, USEK, LU, USJ) : Centre des métiers et de l'insertion professionnelle,
UNAM (BAU, MUBS): Platform for dialogue through a recognised regional Network of University Managers,
DEFI (USJ, LU, CNAM, ALI, Berytech, MEHE): Bureau de liaison Entreprises-Universités,
LHEM (BAU, MUBS, MEHE): Training Facilities for University Leaders,
TIES (BAU, MUBS): Regional network for internationalisation,
UNCHAIN (USJ): Chair of Innovation,
ALTAIR: (BAU, MUBS, MEHE): Quality Units
Erasmus+ projects
E-TALEB (USEK, UOB, LU, MUT, BAU, USF, JU, LAU, MEHE): Centre for Teaching Excellence,
RESUME (LU, USEK, MEHE): Création /renforcement d'un centre du développement entreprise et observatoire sur l'emploi
Cluster meeting on permanent structures created by EU funded projects
Thursday May 18, 2017 at Ministry of Education and Higher Education
09:00 - 09:30 Registration
09:30 - 10:30 Opening session
                       Introduction by a representative of NEO Lebanon
                       Welcome speech by a representative of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
                       Welcome speech by a representative of the EU Delegation to Lebanon
                        Presenting the Cluster Meeting: objectives and expectations, by EACEA
10:30 - 12:00 Working session1
                       Lebanese universities presenting the state of play of the permanent structures established under Tempus and E+
                       Discussion with audience and answers to questions by the monitoring team
12:00 - 12:30 Coffee Break
12:30 - 14:00 Working session2
                        Lebanese universities presenting the state of play of the permanent structures established under Tempus and E+
                        Discussion with audience and answers to questions by the monitoring team
14:00 - 15:30 Lunch Break
15:30 - 16:30 Working session3
                        Redrawing the picture of all the structures according to the 4 categories listed in the background note
16:30 - 17:00 Conclusions: Lessons learned and messages for future projects


Ahamd Jammal DGHE
Abel Piqueras EU Delegation Lebanon
Clivio Casali EACEA- EU Commission
Aref Alsoufi Erasmus+ Lebanon
Amer Helwani Erasmus+ Lebanon
Mohammad Malli AOU
Fadia Homeidan AUB
Razan El Ghoussaini AUB
Nathalie Bitar AUF
Raghida Ramadan AUL
Ali Hamie AUL
Sobhi Abou Chahine BAU
Pierre Gedeon HERE Team
Mohamad Oueidat HERE Team
Chafic Mokbel HERE Team
Ghazi Tadmouri JU
Jean Chahla LAU
Zeinab Saad LU
Samer Hamze MUBS
Walid Kamali MUT
Ghazi Asmar NDU
Walid Salameh PSUT
Mahmoud Owaydah PSUT
Saleh Abu-Soud PSUT
Carole Choueifaty ULS
Khaldoun Samyan University of Tikrit Iraq
Karim Nasr UOB
Clemence Drouet USEK
Georges Yahchouchi USEK
Nathalie Bouldoukian USEK
Naim Ouaini USEK
Maha Nehme USF
Camille Assad USJ
Fadi Geara USJ-ESIB
Joseph Mezher USJ-FGM
Loubna Oueidat USJ-FSE
Wadad Wazen Gergy USJ-UNTE