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Action Plan

Action plan March 2015 – June 2016
Based on the previous results and achievements, the HEREs team in Lebanon established a precise action plan for the period March 2015 -June 2016. The working plan aims at:
  •  Identifying and increasing the awareness about the challenges facing the Lebanese Higher Education and presenting the developments going on in the bologna process as well as in the European Higher Education Area and in particular the Yerevan communiqué and results;
  •  Supporting the Lebanese Higher Education official stakeholders in a process towards reform and modernization with a focus on Quality Assurance and National Qualifications Frameworks;
  •  Opening the debate on few topics such as e-Learning and Distance learning and, civic engagement in higher education;
  •  Supporting the Lebanese Higher Education Institutions in their efforts of modernization;
  •  Participating actively in the different activities organized by SPHERE and diffusing the information as largely as possible within the Lebanese Higher Education.
          During this year, and in order to achieve the major objectives the HEREs Team identified specific tasks that are included in the action plan. These tasks are:
- Task 1: Policy-making and supporting the modernization process initiated by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  •  Subtask 1.1: National survey of the needs and perspectives for the development of the Lebanese Higher Education. Questionnaire has been prepared with two target groups: the Lebanese Higher Education Institutions, and Higher Education experts. This questionnaire is on the web. A letter is to be sent to the Higher Education Institutions and experts inviting them to fill in the questionnaire by July 15, 2015. The data will be then analyzed and a roundtable is to be organized during February 2016 yielding a set of recommendations that shall pave the road for the HEREs activities in the coming years.
  •  Subtask 1.2: Provide the necessary expertise and support for the project of setting up the Lebanese Quality Assurance Agency. Continue to lobby for the vote of the draft law proposed.
  •  Subtask 1.3: Provide the necessary expertise and support for the project of setting up the Lebanese National Qualifications Framework.
     o Outcomes: i/ State of the play of the Lebanese Higher Education sector, ii/ National roundtable, iii/ set of recommendations, iv/ participation to the different relevant committees and identification of challenges and possible solutions. 
- Task 2: Support the development of internal quality assurance processes in the different universities and continue to build on the results of the Tempus-TLQAA 
project for external quality assurance1. A national workshop is to be organized in November 2015 where technical assistance has been required from SPHERE.
      o Outcomes: 
           - Reader will be written and printed.
           -  Leaflet explaining the steps and considerations to be taken into account while developing an internal quality assurance system. 
           -  Organizing the workshop in November and prepare the corresponding materials and case studies.
           -  Holding the workshop and publishing the recommendations.
- Task 3: Launching the debate on e-Learning and distance learning. A seminar has already been organize with technical assistant from SPHERE.
  •  Subtask 3.1: Preparation of the workshop including the writing of a reader.
  •  Subtask 3.2: Invitation to the workshop including announcement on the Web.
  •  Subtask 3.3: Identification and publication of the Recommendations2.
     o Outcomes: A workshop and a series of recommendations.
- Task 4: Identifying the current activities in the different Lebanese Higher Education Institutions related to civic engagement and exchanging good practices in this domain. A series of meetings/short seminars are to be organized in the different universities known to have civic engagement activities throughout this period. This series will lead to the organization of a national conference/workshop in the field towards May-June 2016. Several perspectives are expected like the founding of a national observatory in this field.
  •  Subtask 4.1: Preparing a presentation by the HEREs showing clearly the framework and drawing a state of the art especially in Europe in this domain.
  •  Subtask 4.2: Holding a series of meetings/seminars in different Lebanese unviersities.
  •  Subtask 4.3: Organizing a national workshop/conference on civic engagement in the Lebanese unviersities.
     o Outcomes: Exchange of good practices, meetings and a national conference with resulting recommendations.
- Task 5: Participation to European and Regional events, study tours or training sessions on Higher Education reform and modernization. 
    o Outcomes: Experts to participate to the events or training sessions in Europe and the Region. Reporting on those events will permit a large diffusion of the information within the Lebanese Higher Education institutions.
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