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Proposal of Stadler Veronika

Post date: Monday, February 11, 2019 - 16:03
Name: Stadler Veronika
Hello London Studio
Field of interest:

Hello London Studio is a small language school dealing with adult education situated in the very centre of Komárno, in the South West of Slovakia. This region is one of the most undeveloped parts of the country. English knowledge is a competitiveness factor for the companies and individuals seeking job after unemployment. Our school faces a special challenge: as Komárno is located in South West Slovakia and populated largely by Hungarian minority - there are clients who speak only Hungarians, some speak only Slovak and others have a mixed language - which makes it difficult to hold classes for them.The school offers courses for individual clients, firms from the the SME sector and companies. We have individual courses for company leaders as well. Our students can take part in general or business English courses of all levels, icluding special preparation for the reputed language exams e.g. Cambridge, TOEFL. There are also conversation sessions for the course participants and for those who only want to improve or maintain their level of communication. Our speciality is the efficiency - we try to make the courses and the training very efficient - so that our clients reach their goals in the shortest possible time. Most of the positive feedback come for the effectiveness and the good results.