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Proposal of Husni Awad

Post date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - 07:57
Name: Husni Awad
Al-Quds Open University/ Deanship Of Scientific Research
Field of interest:


One of the primary goals of Al-Quds Open University / Deanship of Scientific Research is to promote, improve management and operation of scientific research and dissminate the culture of scientific research. We hope to achieve this by establishing Translation center in order to provide the most recent references to the researchers, scholars and students. Our vision lies in creating a Translation Center affiliated to the Deanship of Scientific Research that is administered by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. The objectives of the center are as follows:

1. Provide and attract the attention of institutions to enrich the translation center and the translation activities from English into Arabic and vice versa.

2. Network with related civil institution in the field of translation in order to identify the priorities and adopt scientific policies that serve the translation movement in Palestine 3. Translate the most up to date research and scientific works from and to Arabic

4. Exchange knowledge with the developed countries

5. Provide projects and funds that will assist in creating a new generation of translators.

6. Contribute in the professional development and rehabilitation of translators, keep up with the most recent trends in the field of translation through conducting a high level trainings and workshops

7. Translate documents and digital publications of the university.

8. Revise and edit materials translated by other translators for the university.

9. Obtain translation rights of distinctive and renowned books, buy their copyrights and publish them

10. Support the University’s efforts in knowledge transfer.

11. Organize lectures and short courses delivered by prominent scholars from international universities to update knowledge in the field of translation.

12. To set up a translation team Al-Quds Open University from different academic disciplines and bridge their activities with their counterparts in other international educational institutions.


With this project, the Deanship of Scientific Research will have an opportunity to improve and lever the capacity of scientific research and promote the culutre of scientific research . Promotion of academic research in the applied, technical, and theoretical domains of knowledge. To that end, the University will encourage faculty members, lecturers, teaching assistants and students to utilize its facilities of laboratories and libraries to conduct translation and authoring projects in their areas of interest


-Promotion of international cooperation in the field of scientific research

- Create a network of freelance translators

-Capacity building and staff development.


We are searching for:Higher education institutions, scientific research centres and translation centres at any programme countries.