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National Erasmus+ Office - Lebanon


Capacity Building DIGIHEALTH Kick-off meeting

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Erasmus+ Office Lebanon participated on 28/2/2019 at Modern University for Business & Science (MUBS) in the Kick-off Ceremony of DIGIHEALTH, a Capacity Building project Funded by the European Union programme Erasmus+.
Coordinated by Linnaeus University (Sweden), DIGIHEALTH project aims at supporting eligible Partner Countries to address the challenges facing their higher education institutions and systems, including those of quality, relevance, equity of access, planning delivery, management and governance. The project aims at supporting the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of the higher education sectors in the eligible Partner countries. The main objectives of the project are to improve the level of competences and skills in HEIs by developing new and innovative programmes, and to improve the quality of Higher education and to enhance its relevance to the labour market and society. 
The project includes 11 partners from 5 countries: Sweden, Italy, Spain, Lebanon (Lebanese University, Beirut Arab University, LIU and MUBS) and Syria. 
In addition to the project partners, the opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdel Mawla Chehabeddine representing the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Amer Helwani representing the National Erasmus+ Office in Lebanon, Dr. Hatem Alamy Chairman of MUBS Board of Trustees, and Dr. Ali Cheaib MUBS President.