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Erasmus+ Webinar on “European Student Card”

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

In the framework of the Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) activities, a webinar on “European Student Card” is going to be organised on Tuesday, 17 November 2020 via an online platform.

This event is organised by the EU Erasmus+ programme, as part of a series of events that contribute to higher education reform at national level.

The webinar aims to bring together policy makers and experts from higher education to openly discuss and assess the “European Student Card” (ESC) as a tool to promote transparency and to facilitate recognition and mobility. The meeting will also explore the opportunities of developing a digital infrastructure inspired by the ESC system which can form a structuring vector to enhance transparency, to promote evidence-informed decision making and to move towards digital-aided management of the learning.

Dr. Jean-Paul Roumegas, the coordinator of the ESC project and the Counsellor for international relations and partnerships at CNOUS France, will participate as a key speaker and will moderate the debates on the impact of students’ cards on the sector.


Erasmus+ Webinar on “European Student Card”

Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday 17 November 2020, Via Zoom platform.


10h00 - 10h10   Welcome notes


10h10 - 10h50   Keynote Speech

To cover the scope of the ESC, the current status, the requirements from HE systems, the requirements from HEIs.

Speaker: Jean-Paul Roumegas

Moderator: Chafic Mokbel

10h50 - 11h00   Q&A


11h00 - 11h20  Panel on the impact of students cards on recognition, mobility, quality assurance, qualifications framework, etc.

The panel shall include in addition to the European expert local experts in recognition, QA and mobility. A moderator shall animate the panel in order to shed light on the links between ESC and these different elements.

Diane Nauffal, Hiba Othman, Rony Darazi, Karma El Hassan

Moderators: Hania Nakkache, Jean-Paul Roumegas

11h20 - 11h40   Q&A



11h40 - 12h10   Panel on the technical requirements and obstacles

  The panel shall address technical and non technical challenges facing the implementation of a student card system

Fawzi Baroud, Mostafa Sergi, Khadija Kharroube, Ghassan Hamdan, Ahmad Koubeissy

Moderators: Mohamad Oueidat, Jean-Paul Roumegas

12h10 - 12h30   Q&A



12h30 - 12h40   Presentation of the Erasmus+ LEBPASS project

Georg Seppmann, Randa Chidiac

Moderator: Hana Addam El Ghali

12h40 - 12h50   Q&A



12h50 - 13h00  Drafting recommendations and conclusions

Moderators: Chafic Mokbel, Jean-Paul Roumegas



Name Institution
Bassam Azouri AOU
Mohammad Malli AOU
Karma El Hassan AUB
Hana El Ghali AUB/HERE
Elsy Khoueiry AUST
Hiba Othman AUST
Hani Mawlawi AzmU
Ghassan Hamdan BAU
Roula Alayli BAU
Soubhi Abou Chahine BAU
Hania Nakkash BAU/HERE
Ranim El Sayed CityU
Saadallah Halimi CityU
Mazen Hazim CityU
Jean-Paul Roumegas Cnous, France
Francois Pradal Cnous, France
Roula Bou Khozam CNRSL/HERE
Georg Seppmann EVALAG
Ahmad Koubeissi (IUL) IUL
Hassan Noura IUL
Mirna Mekdad IUL
Diane Nauffal LAU
Dina Abdel Rahman LAU
Jihane Hosry Touma LGU
Bahaa ElAyash MUBS
Nidal Nassar MUBS
Diana Nahle MUBS
Fawzi Baroud NDU
Ahmad Jammal Office of Lebanese PM
Ahmad Samarji PU
Lamisse Ezzedine PU
Rony Darazi UA
Mustapha Sarji UL
Zeinab Saad UL
Mohamad Oueidat UL/HERE
Khadija Kharroube UL/HERE
Chafic Mokbel UOB/HERE
Jean Chalhoub USEK
Josef Azzi USEK
Marie Christine Noujaim USEK
Randa Al Chidiac USEK
Rima Mattar USEK
Antoine Zakka USF
Melissa Greck – USJ USJ
Nayla Hocheimy USJ
Ziad Doueiry