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Future of e-Learning in Lebanon: Launching the Debate

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE), in collaboration with the Directorate General of Higher Education, are organising a workshop on the future of e-learning in Lebanon  as part of a series of events contributing to higher education reform at the national level.
This workshop will address the future of e-learning in Lebanon: launching the debate to start reflecting on the interest of Lebanese institutions and to determine if they consider e-learning as one of the main pillars of the higher education reform agenda.
The workshop will be hosted by Notre Dame University - Louaize and will take place on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at Issam Fares Hall, NDU Louaize Campus, ZOUK MOSBEH (Main Road) after (Christ The King). Location
Future of e-Learning in Lebanon: Launching the Debate
May 28, 2015 - Workshop Programme

8: 30 - 9 : 00  

Welcome and Registration

9: 00 - 9 : 15  

Opening Remarks


-          Mr. Aref Al SOUFI, Director, National Erasmus+ Office (NEO), Lebanon

-          Mr. Hervé SABOURIN, Middle-East Office Director, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

-          Rev. Fr. Walid MOUSSA, President, Notre Dame University - Louaize and President, Universities Association of Lebanon

-           Mr. Ahmad JAMMAL, Higher Education General Director, Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


9: 15 - 10 : 15

Session 1: Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

1.[e-learning Study:] Evolution and impact of digital technologies  and  “e-learning” by Mr. Michael GAEBEL, Head of the Higher Education Policy Unit, European University Association (EUA)

2.[Pedagogical innovation:] L'étudiant au cœur de son apprentissage dans un parcours continu de traitement et de transformation de l'information, by Mr. Jacques TARDIF, Professeur émérite à l’Université de Sherbrooke au Canada et ex-Président de l’Association Internationale de Pédagogie Universitaire (AIPU)


10: 15 - 10 : 45


Coffee Break (Cocktail)


10: 45 - 11 : 45


Session 2: e-Learning Models. Chair:  Mr. Michael GAEBEL

3.   [Socio-Techno-pedagogical innovations:] From correspondence to e-learning: Evolution and Different e-learning models by Mr. Pierre GEDEON, Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Expert (HERE)

4.   [Curriculum innovation:] (Title TBC) By Mrs. Dakmara GEORGESCU, UNESCO

5.   [Quality:] e-Learning Quality Assurance by Mr. Elie MENASSA, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration & Economics, Notre Dame University – Louaize

6.   Discussion [20 minutes]


11: 45 - 12 : 00

Coffee Break

12: 00 - 13 : 30


Session 3: Lebanese Case Studies. Chair:  Mr. Jacques TARDIF

7.   The Open Education, Ms. Fairouz SARKIS, Director of the Lebanese Branch, Arab Open University

8.   The development of e-learning at NDU, Mr. Fawzi BAROUD, Notre Dame University – Louaize

9.  Tempus Pro-Green Project, Ms. Nesreen GHADDAR, Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Expert (HERE) and Associate Provost & Director Tempus Pro-Green Project, American University of Beirut.

10.  Christian and Biblical Online Education, Mr. Daniel AYUCH, Coordinator for the Online courses in Spanish, University of Balamand

11.  Discussion [30 minutes]


13: 30 - 14 : 30


14: 30 - 15 : 30           


Session 4: Challenges and Opportunities of e-learning : Panel  animated by Mr. Chafic MOKBEL, Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Expert (HERE)

12.  Mr. Sami MENKARA, former Education and Higher Education Minister, President of MUT and Universities Association of Lebanon (UAoLB) Strategic Committee Chair

13.  Mr. Jacques TARDIF, Mr. Jacques TARDIF, Professeur émérite à l’Université de Sherbrooke au Canada

14.  Mr. Michael GAEBEL, Head of the Higher Education Policy Unit, European University Association (EUA)

15.  Mrs. Omneya SHAKER, Responsable du Campus Numérique Francophone de l’AUF en Alexandrie, Egypte

16.  Miss Nathalie BITAR and Ms. Mireille ELRAYESS, Tempus ADIP Project Managers.


15: 30 – 16 : 00     


Closing session:  Conclusion and Recommendations

17.  Mr. Ahmad JAMMAL, Higher Education General Director, Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education

18.  Mr. Elie BADR Vice-President Academic Affairs, Notre Dame University – Louaize.


Ministry of Education & Higher Education

Ahmad Jammal, Director Gerneral of Higher Education, speaker


National Erasmus+ Office - Lebanon

Aref Alsoufi, speaker

Amer Helwani


Higher Education Reform Experts

Pierre Gedeon, Notre Dame University, speaker

Chafic Mokbel, University of Balamand, speaker

Mazen Khatib, Lebanese University

Nesreen Ghaddar, American University of Beiurt , speaker

Nada.Moghaizel Nasr, Université Saint Joseph

Mohamad Oueidat

Hania Nakkash


European University Association

Michael GAEBEL, speaker



Dakmara GEORGESCU , speaker


Agence Universitaire de la Fancophonie

Hervé Sabourin, speaker

Omneya SHAKER, speaker

Nathalie Bitar,  speaker

Mireille El Rayess


Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Jacques Tardif, speaker



Michel Salameh


Notre Dame University-Louaize

Fr. Walid Moussa, speaker

Elie MENASSA, speaker

Fawzi Baroud, speaker

Elie Badr,  , speaker

Layla Badr

George Abdelnour

Maya Samaha Rupert     

Dany Azzi

Talin Agob

Rania Najem

Leslie Alter Hage

Bassem Sabra

Tanos Hage

Vera Jabbour

Carelle Basil

Carol Kfoury

Kamal Abouchedid

Maria Bouzeid

Ghazi Asmar

Viviane Nakhlé

Norma Freiha

Julie Akkari


University of Balamand

Daniel AYUCH, speaker


American University of Beirut

Wissam Nahas

Hoda Baytieh

Rami Farran


Université Antonine

Antoine Yazigi     

Maroun JNEID


La Sagesse University

Bernadette Abi Saleh

Najwa Safi



Chaouki DIAB



Global University

Ahmad Shatila

Nisrine Adada

Nabil Mneymneh


Lebanese American University

Iman Osta

Nachat Mansour


Lebanese Canadian University

Gloria Haddad

Arz Wehbe 

Michel Salloum


Al Manar University of Tripoli

Sami MENKARA, speaker

Adel Mourad

Saadallah Elhalimi


Adyan Foundation

Nayla Tabbara      


Université Saint-Esprit du Kaslik

Faten El Hage       

Naim Oueini


Université Saint Joseph

Loubna Oueidat


Beirut Arab University

Sobhi Abou Chahine

Walid Shatila

Rami Farran

Noura Chaaban


Arab Open University

Fairouz SARKIS

Bassam Azouri


Université Antonine

Rony Darazi


Islamic University of Lebanon

Taghrid CHAABAN       

Jamal Haydar

Joumana Younes

Jacques Samoury


Modern University for Business and Science

Bassem Kaissi


Rafik Hariri University

Jad Kozaily


Lebanese German University

Pierre Khoury       

Georges Khoury


Lebanese University

Nahida Saad

Lara EL Halabi, Phd Student