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National Erasmus+ Office - Lebanon


Erasmus+ Seminar on “Good Governance and Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education in Lebanon”

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The scope of this TAM addresses key issues of higher education, good governance and institutional effectiveness. Establishing good governance practices at the university are key in ensuring that the institution is able to address the needs of the local society and remain competititve while sustaining quality measures and transperency of its operations. Good governance practices include a good balance between institutional autonomy and accountability at the university, in addition to a balanced participation of key stakeholders in decision making within the institution. Deeply rooted in good governance practices is institutional effectiveness that supports issues such as the continuous improvement of the university (like accreditation, academic program assessment, administrative planning and evaluation, institutional research and strategic planning). Addressing institutional effectiveness aims directly towards supporting institutional quality improvement efforts. 

The participants will:

  • Understand the key factors for good governance (and the urgency in establishing and maintaining such practices)
  • Become familiar with examples of good practice of governance at higher education institutions (locally and internationally)
  • Identify the threats of poor governance practices at the institution
  • Recognise the opportunities in establishing an office of institutional effectiveness at the university
  • Identify mechanisms of establishing institutional effectiveness at the university 

Draft Programme

Venue : Auditorium of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, 12th floor

9:00–9:30                   Registration

9:30–10:00                 Opening

10:00–11:00               Key Note Presentation 1: Developments in Governance in Higher Education in Europe: Key Dimensions of Governance Models 

  • Moderator: Hana A. El-Ghali, HERE Member
  • Speaker: Fabrice Hénard, Learning Avenue

11:00–11:30              Coffee Break

11:30–13:30              Roundtable Discussion: National and Institutional Higher Education Mechanisms for Enhancing Governance in Higher Education in Lebanon

Strategic Planning at LAU, Diane Nauffal, Lebanese American University

Accreditation at USEK, Geore Yahchouchi, USEK

Private Sector Engagement, Hania Nakkash, Beirut Arab University

Quality Assurance as a Lever of Efficiency, Nada Moghaizel Nasr

Good Governance at the Lebanese University: Experience from the Public Sector, Pascale Salameh, Lebanese University

  • Moderator: Mohamed Oueidat, HERE

13:30–14:30               Lunch Break

14:30–16:00               Key Note Presentation 2: Governing Higher Education Institutions: How to Overcome Challenges and Establish Institutional Effectiveness  

  • Speaker: Fabrice Hénard, Learning Avenue
  • Moderator: Pierre Gedeon, HERE Member

16:00–16:30               Next Steps: Recommendations for Establishing Good Governance Practices and Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education in Lebanon

  • Moderator: Amer Helwani, NEO Lebanon
  • Speakers: Fabrice Hénard, Hana El-Ghali



American University of Beirut (AUB)
Karma El Hassan
Maya Maddah
American University of Technology (AUT)
Derek Bousé
Hassan Hejase
Fuad Hashwa
Antonine University
Jean Al Alam
Ziad Maatouk
Arab Open University
Doreen Kharrat
Yara Abdallah
Azm university
darine dernayka
Dima Alameddine
Hani Mawlawi
Beirut Arab University
Cerine Tafran
Hania Nakkash
Maha Aboul Ela
Nehale Mostapha
City University
Arwa Haddad Helou
Saadallah Halimi
Walid Kamali
European Expert
Fabrice Hénard, Learning Avenue
Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs)
Hana Addam El-Ghali, American University of Beirut
Hania Nakkash, Beirut Arab University
Pierre GEDEON, Lebanease Canadian Uiversity - LCU
Mohamad Oueidat, Lebanese University
Chafic Mokbel, University of Balamand
Nada Moghaizel, USJ
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Georges Yahchouchi
Nathalie Bouldoukian
Islamic University of Lebanon
Ayache Mohammad
karim kobeissi
Islamic University of Lebanon IUL
Abbas Jaber
Lebanese American University
Diane Nauffal
Lebanese German University
Lebanese University
Pascale Salameh
Ministry of Education and Higher Education
Jawhara Saliba
Modern University for Business & Science
Nael Alami
Nisreen Alwan
Nidal Makarem
National Erasmus+ Office Lebanon
Amer Helwani
Aref Alsoufi
Rafik Hariri University
Jamil Hammoud
Rached Zantout
Toufic Hijazi
Sagesse University
Father Dominique Labaki
Najib El Haddad
Pierre Braidy