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Rethinking Lebanese Higher Education

Thursday, November 9, 2017

In the framework of the Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) activities, a Roundtable on “Rethinking Lebanese higher education reform agenda: towards strategic needs and priorities” is going to be organised on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at the Lebanese Academic of Fine Arts (ALBA), Beirut.
This event is organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, as part of a series of Erasmus+ events contributing to higher education reform at national level.
The roundtable will offer an occasion to review the national strategy for HE after 10 years of its implementation and the HEREs interventions in the Lebanese HE since 2008 in the aim of identifying the new challenges and planning the future course of actions. Guy Haug, a European expert of international reputation, will participate in this event to animate the discussions and benchmark with the EU higher education reform agenda.
Concept Note
Several challenges are facing the Lebanese Higher Education and its development. The Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts promoting modernisation of Higher Education are calling for a workshop to discuss those challenges and possible strategic visions to meet the challenges and further develop the sector.
After ten years of the announcement of the strategic plan for higher education in Lebanon there is a clear need to identify the present challenges, to openly discuss the major elements of that plan and the achievements accomplished during the past years. The Higher Education Reform Experts team1 has also been promoting modernisation and the culture of change since 2008, an action highly inspired from the development in the Bologna process and with the European Higher Education Area. There is a need to conduct an analysis of the impact of these actions and how to proceed in the coming years.
The workshop placed under the title of “Rethinking Lebanese Higher Education” will shed the lights on the latest development in the sector and the different accomplishments. It will also form an occasion to identify the challenges facing the Lebanese Higher Education and to point some of the difficulties that have been felt in the past years in the processes of change. The workshop shall profit from the presence of M. Guy Haug, a well know expert in the Bologna process and modernisation of higher education.
The workshop is divided into two parts. In a first part, a brief review of the strategic plan and accomplishments will be provided as well as a summary of the Erasmus+ HERE’s activities. Then, challenges, perspectives and prospects shall be discussed under the following axes:
• Higher Education and Research
• Higher Education and Quality
• Higher Education and Social Dimension
• Higher Education and Financing Models
• Higher Education and Employability
• The Lebanese University
For each item, a short presentation shall be provided by a Lebanese expert and the European perspective shall be drawn by Mr. Haug before debating the issues.
The workshop shall end with a set of recommendations.
It is worth noting that the HERE team will be distributing, as usual in such events, a reader that provides background elements and facts for the workshop.


Rethinking Lebanese Higher Education

University of Balamand, ALBA, 9 November 2017


08:30 -  09:00     Registration and Welcome Coffee

09:00 -  09:30     Welcome notes

                                André BEKHAZI, Aref ALSOUFI, DG Ahmad JAMMAL

09:30 - 10:00      Present Higher Education Strategy: Elements and Achievements

                                DG Ahmad JAMMAL

10:00 - 10:30      HEREs activities and Results from Latest National Consultation

                                Chafic MOKBEL


10:30 - 11:00      Coffee break


11:00 - 11:45      New Paradigm for Higher Education and Research

                                Guy HAUG

11:45 - 12:15    Strategy of the Lebanese University

                               Zeinab Saad

12:15 - 13:45      Lebanese Higher Education Systems: the Main Challenges

                                Research:                           Tamara El Zein 

                                Social Dimension:                Adnan AL AMINE

                                Education:                           Diane Nauffal

                                Financing:                            Hana EL GHALI


13:45 - 15:00      Lunch break


15:00 - 15:45      New Paradigms for Internationalisation and Competitiveness

                                Guy HAUG

15:45 - 16:15      Discussion and Recommendations

                                Moderator: Guy HAUG

16:15 - 16:30      Conclusions

                                DG Ahmad JAMMAL


Christine Zachariou ALBA
Mohamad Malli AOU
Han El Ghali AUB
Karma El Hassan, AUB
Hala Dimashkieh AUB
Jihad Itani  AUL
Raghida Ramadan AUL
Danielle Badro AUST
Hiba Othman AUST
Sobhi Abou Chahine BAU
Ali Tarabay BIU
Hicham El Hage BIU
Hassan Bazzi BIU
chaouki Diab CNAM Liban
Tamara El Zein  CNRSL
Antoine Yazigi Enterprise - Level 5
Ali Elhaj Enterprise- Veritas Scientific
Abel Piquerass EU Delegation
Bruno Curvale EU Expert
Guy Haug EU Expert
Adnan Al Amin Expert
Ahmad Shatila GU
Ghaleb El Araissi GU
Chafic Mokbel HERE
Hania Nakkash HERE
Mohamad Ouaidat HERE
Nada Moghaizel HERE
Pierre Gedeon HERE
Ali Kazwini-Housseini IUL
Diane Nauffal LAU
Ahmad Faraj  LIU
Hassan Hajj Hussein LIU
Mohammad Rammal LU
Majed Sinane LU
Zeinab Saad  LU
Layal Rabih MEHE
Ahmad Jammal MEHE - DGHE
John Issa MEU
Saadallah Halimi MUT
Walid Kamali MUT
Amer Helwani NEO
Aref Alsoufi NEO
Lamise Ezzeddine PU
Ahmad Samarji PU
Sophie Hallal PU
Hisham Basha RHU
Mohamad Ladan RHU
Chady Abou Jaoude UA
Micheline Ghattas UA
Rony Darazi UA
Georges Jalakh UA
Pascale Lahoud UA
Antoine Gedeon, Dean ULS
Dominique Labaki (Fr.) ULS
Ramez Chahine ULS
Anasse Bouhlal  Unesco UNESCO
Michaela Martin Unesco/IIEP
Rihab El-Helou Universities Association of Lebanon
Ghania Zgheib UOB
Maha Khachab UOB
Josiane Abi Khattar USF