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National Erasmus+ Office - Lebanon


Indicators for measuring performance in higher education

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Aim of the workshop: To facilitate understanding of indicators for monitoring higher education performance, and to equip administrators with skills to use available data to develop useful indicators for higher education.


Expected outcomes: 

After the seminar participants will be able:

•       To understand the purpose and benefits of using indicators to monitor performance in higher education;

•       To develop indicators based on objectives identifying information needed and making use of available databases;

•       To use appropriate techniques for calculating and analysing various indicators.


Venue :

The Seminar will be hosted by Issam Fares Institute, American University of Beirut

Methods applied: interactive learning: presentations, group work, discussions & case studies.



08: 30 - 09: 00  


09: 00 - 09: 15  

Opening Remarks

09: 15 - 10 30

Session 1  (Chaired by Hania Nakkache)

·      09:15 - 10:00 Higher education performance management and performance indicators: Latest trends and tools (Tatjana Volkova)

·      10:00 - 10:30 Discussion

10: 30 - 11: 00

Coffee Break

11: 00 - 12: 15

Session 2   (Chaired by Nada Moghaizel Nasr)

·      11:00 - 11:30  Creating HEI Performance Indicators Framework (Tatjana Volkova)

·      11:30 - 11:40  Lebanese Case Study (Karma El Hassan, AUB)

·      11:40 - 11:50  Lebanese Case Study (Soubhi Abou Chahine, BAU)

·      11:50 - 12:15  Discussion

12: 15 - 13 : 30


Session 3    (Chaired by Pierre Gedeon)

·       12:15 - 12:45  Calculating, Analysing & Communicating performance indicators (Tatjana Volkova)

·       12:45 - 12:55  Lebanese Case Study (Diane Nauffal, LAU)

·       12:55 - 13:05  Lebanese Case Study (Georges Yahchouchi, USEK)

·       13:05 - 13:30  Discussion

13: 30 - 14 : 30


14: 30 - 15 : 45






Hands-on Session

5 parallel groups animated by local taskforce






Husni Cherif (UOB)

Students admission, retention and follow up

Hana El Ghali (AUB)


Soubhi Abou Chaine (BAU)

Students support services

Mohamad Ouaidat (HERE)


Diane Nauffal (LAU)

Learning outcomes & students success

Pierre Gedeon (HERE)


Karma El-Hassan (AUB)

Research and Employability

Chafic Mokbel (HERE)


Georges Yahchouchi (USEK)

Teaching and learning (Faculty , Professional development)

Hania Nakkash (HERE)


15: 45 - 16: 00

Coffee Break

16: 00 - 16 : 30

Presentation of working groups (Rapporteurs)

16: 30 - 17 : 00

Conclusions and Closing

Tatjana Volkova, Ahmad Jammal, Aref Alsoufi


Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE)      

Ahmad Jammal, DGHE Director


European Union Delegation to Lebanon               

Abel Piqueras


French Embassy in Lebanon       

Charlotte Restif,                Chargée de mission universitaire et de recherche Ambassade de France au Liban


National Erasmus+ Office (NEO)              

Aref Alsoufi        Coordiantor

Amer Helwani    Programme Assistant


Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) - Middle East Office                

Hervé Sabourin, Director


British Council (BC)        

Elie Gemayel     Assistant Director

Yasmine Al Hilli  Project Manager



Dakmara Georgescu      


The Lebanese Standards Institution (LIBNOR)    

Mohamad Chamas           Services Director and Quality expert


European University Association, BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia       

Tatjana Volkova,               European Expert


An Nahar Newspaper

Rosette Fadel    reporter


Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE)

Hania Nakkash  Beirut Arab University

Mohamad Ouaidat          Lebanese University

Pierre Gedeon,   Notre Dame University - Louaize

Nada Moughaisel Nasr , Saint Joseph University

Chafic Mokbel   University of Balamand (UOB)


Al-Manar University of Tripoli (MUT)    

Saadallah Halimi                dean of faculty of arts and human sciences

Mohamad Nasri                dean of faculty of architecture and design

Fadi Sukkari       


American University of Beirut (AUB)     

Hana Al Ghali     AUB-IFI

Karma Al Hassan

Lamia Husseiny

Lama Hamandi  Professor

Rima Afifi             Professor

Jean Abi Saab     Senior Research Analyst

Maha Makki      

Loukman Meho University librarian

Roua Dalli            Academic Office

Malaki Khoury   FAS Assessment Officer


American University of Science and Technology (AUST)

Pierre Atallah     Head of Registration and Records Department

Zeina Nsouli        Quality manager

Vincent Mazraani             AUST Quality Manager


American University of Technology (AUT)           

Derek Bouse      Professor

Hoda Husseini Bibi           Professor


Arab Open University (AOU)     

Yara Abdallah    assistant director for academic and administrative affairs

Mohamad Malli the program coordinator for the faculty of computer studies


Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon (AUL)        

Ali Hamie             Dean of Faculty of Sciences & Fine Arts

Jihad Itani            Dean of Student Affairs

Raghida Ramadan            QA Department

Daher El-Aily      MBA Program Coordinator


Azm University  (AZM)

Jamal Abed         Dean of Architecture

Rania Mikati       HR Director

Nabil Audi           Professor


Beirut Arab University (BAU)    

Nehale Farid Mostapha Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration

Sobhi Abou Shahine        Dean of Student Affairs

Maha Abou Ela  Director of Quality Assurance


Global University (GU)

Ahmad Shatila   Academic Director

Nisrine Adada    Chair of Education Department

Samira Elghour Chair of English Department


Holy Family University (USF)     

Josiane Abi Khattar          Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Education

Maha Nehme    Vice President for Quality Assurance & Patrimony and Vice Dean – Director of Studies of the Faculty of Health

Hind Fadous       Vice President of Public Relations


Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)   

Georges Yahchouchi       Deputy President for Quality Assurance and Teaching & Learning, Director of QA-IE Office

Nathalie Bouldoukian     Vice-director of the Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness QA-IE Office

Krystel Kaloust  Project Coordinator at the Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness QA-IE Office


Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL)        

Ahmad Hoteit    Vice - Président à la Recherche

Abdul Menhem Kobeissi               Dean Faculty of Engeneering

Manal Khalil        instructor


Jinan University (JUL)   

Shams Issa         

Rana Bakhit       

Tharaa Haddad 


Lebanese American University (LAU)     

Abdo Ghie           Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management

Amal Sawaya     Senior Institutional Research Officer

Samer Khoury    Lead Institutional Research Officer

Nadine Wehbe  Lead Assessment Officer

Maya Reda         Assistant Institutional Research Officer

Diane Nauffal    LAU

Nashat Mansour               Professor computer science


Lebanese Canadian University (LCU)     

Arz Wehbe         Doyen, Faculté des Sciences et des Arts

Elie El Khoury     Doyen associé, Faculté de Gestion

Georgio Bassil    Associate Dean-Faculty of Engineering


Lebanese German University (LGU)       

Marianne Adaimi              Vice President for Administration

Pierre el Khoury Vice President for Development

Riwa Khalife       Assistant Dean at the Faculty of Public Health


Lebanese University (LU)            

Ali Jaber              

Pascale Salameh               Professor

Maaref University (MU)              

Hussin Hejase   


Middle East University (MEU)   

John Issa              Faculty of Education Dean

Ronald Vyhmeister         Academic Dean


Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS)     

Samer Hamzeh Dean of Quality Assurance & Enhancement

Nidal Makarem quality officer

Latifa Attieh        mobility coordinator


Rafik Hariri University (RHU)    

Toufic Hijazi        Director of Quality Assurance Office

Mirna Talhouk   Assistant Director of Quality Assurance Office


Saint Joseph University (USJ)    

Dalal Moukarzel               

Rima Mouawad                 Researcher in Higher Education Field

Ursula El Hage   Expert Qualité


Antonine University (UA)           

Sami El Naddaf  Quality Assurance Officer

Rony Darezi        Charge for quality school of engineering


University of Balamand (UOB)  

Rania Najjar        Computer Analyst

Husni Sharif        UOB

Omaya Kuran     Director


University of Balamand Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA)       

Joseph Rustom Directeur des Etudes

Christine Zachariou         Secrétaire Générale

Mazen Haidar    Directeur-adjoint de l’Ecole d’Architecture


UPJV - CVRAPP - Armiens            

Josianne Gedeon             student