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Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange National Information Day 25 June 2019 (09.00-16.30)

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange National Information Day
25 June 2019 (09.00-16.30)
Lebanese International University
Amphitheater, Bloc D, Beirut Campus, Beirut Lebanon
University students and Lebanese Youth are cordially invited to join the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange National Information Day, a unique opportunity to get to know the new groundbreaking project of the European Union and to get equipped to participate in the many opportunities offered by Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange.
Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is part of the Erasmus+ programme, providing an accessible, ground-breaking way for young people to engage in intercultural learning. Working with Youth Organisations and Universities, the programme is open to any young person aged 18-30 residing in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean. Through a range of activities, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange aims to expand the reach and scope of the Erasmus+ programme through Virtual Exchanges, which are technology-enabled people-to-people dialogues sustained over a period of time.
The event targets participants from both universities (international relations officers, teachers, faculty members, students, managers) and youth organisations (officers in charge of international relations and youth mobility, support staff for youth training). During the event, experts, testimonials and alumni of Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange will present the project and its opportunities in details. Taking part in the event will provide the knowledge and tools for institutions and individuals to get involved in the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project activities during the next years.
As places are limited, participation is subject to availability. Please register at the link below no later than the 21st of June.
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