EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport

National Erasmus+ Office - Lebanon



HERE Local Actions

29 November 2017 Seminar on Programme desing to address Employability

9 November 2017 Roundtable on Rethinking Lebanese Higher Education

16 February 2017 Seminar on Civic Engagement in the Lebanese Higher Education 

           02 December 2016 Roundtable on Financing Higher Education

08 Septembre 2016 Indicators for measuring performance in higher education

05 Octobre 2015 Development of Internal Quality Assurance Workshop

28 May 2015 Future of e-Learning in Lebanon: Launching the Debate

23 June 2014 Quality Reviewers: The Backbone of a Quality System

28 November 2013 Seminar on Students Services in Higher Education

11 October 2012  Credit Systems - Learning Approach and Currency

29 June 2012 Writing Learning Outcomes


HERE Regional / International Actions

  • 30-31 May 2017 : HERE Study Visit - Research based teaching: Universities, Entrepreneurship and the Knowledge Triangle, Milan Italy

More detail about the study visit can be found at

Short report of the Study Visit

Participants : Nada Moghaizel, Chafic Mokbel


  • 23-24 May 2017 : Regional TAM on National Qualification Frameworks based on EU experience 

University of Jordan

 Participants : Mohamad Oueidat, Hania Nakkash


  • 19-20 October 2016 :  HERE Seminar The European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG) in practice:  Implications for HEIs and higher education systems

​                                       More details about the conference (presentations, ...) can be found at

                                       Short Report of the Seminar

           Participants : Nada Moghaizel, Hania Nakkash


                                          More details about the conference (presentations, ...) can be found at

            Participants : Ahmad Jammal, Chafic Mokbel.


                                              More details about the conference (presentations, ...) can be found at

                                              Short report of the Study Visit 

            Participants : Chafic Mokbel, Pierre Gedeon


           ​​Participants : None


  • 17-18 March 2016 :  HERE Seminar at University of Novi Sad on "Joint programmes and degrees: Strategy, management, implementation".

          Participants: Ahmad Jammal, Pierre Gedeon


Participants: Nada Moghaizel Nasr, Pierre Gedeon, Mohamad Oueidat


Participants: Pierre Gedeon, Hania Nakkash


Participants: Mohamad Oueidat, Pierre Gedeon, Chafic Mokbel


  • 10-11 March 2015:  HERE Seminar at Istanbul University, Turkey on "Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training in the Erasmus+ Partner Countries neighbouring the EU: Partnership for socio-economic development".

Participants: Ahmad Jammal, Pierre Gedeon, Mazen El Khatib, Chafic Mokbel