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National Erasmus+ Office - Lebanon


Credit Mobility

Credit mobitity means that student will earn some credits in the Host Univesity, these credits should be recognised by his Home Univesity. A partnership agreement should be established between the Home and the Host universities.

Student credit mobility: 

  • All levels of higher education (short cycle, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral levels)  + recent graduates 
  • All disciplines
  •  From 3 to 12 months for studies
  •  From 2 to 12 months for traineeships (not open to partner countries in first 2 years)
  • Each student can benefit up to 12 months per study cycle
  • The credits earned by the student during his mobility to a Programme Country (European) Institution should be recognised by the Home (sending) institution.

The student should consult the international relation office or the students' affairs in his/her Lebanese Instituion to see the requirements and the conditions to benefit from a credit mobility.

In the following table we give all the Lebanese institutions in Credit Mobility Partnership with Programme countries (European) Institutions. 

Talbe of Lebanese credit mobility partnerships with Programme Countries Institutions